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Cyclocross season typically runs from mid October until the first snowfall. As with all of our rides, please be respectful of the shared nature of the trails we use.

Here are the details:

Given the nature of the rides and conditions of the trails and roads we will travel, road bikes are not suitable for these rides. Participants should have cyclocross or gravel bikes with tires suitable to handle muddy conditions.

We do not have our typical riding groups for these rides like we do for our road rides with riders spanning across multiple riding groups (in past seasons, we have typically seen members join us who normally ride from Groups 3-6 on the road); if numbers warrant, rides may be split into smaller groups at the start.  Once known, we will post Ride Marshall name(s) in each event on our ride calendar.

Any ride cancellations due to poor weather / lack of Ride Marshall will follow our normal club email cancellation channel.

As some of these ride types are a little different than past seasons, we may need to tweak our approach a little bit based on experiences.


Thursday Night Rides

Our Thursday night rides will begin at 7:00 pm.  Rides will usually last about 1 hour in length typically covering two laps of the park and involves quite a few steep climbs and descents, giving riders a great workout; an urban trail ride may be substituted in its place, starting from the same location, for variety based on trail conditions in Lions Valley.  Given the start time and the lack of lighting on the trails, strong lights are required to be able to see the trail suitably.  It is recommended that participants have a light that is a minimum of 600 lumens which is attached to your helmet to help navigate the twisty nature of the trails.  A second, powerful, handlebar mounted light is strongly recommended as a backup, along with a small red light on the back of your bike.  

  • Schedule: Start time is 7:00 pm.
  • Meeting Location: The meeting location is the parking lot on the southeast corner of the intersection of Neyagawa Blvd & River Glen Blvd (South of Dundas St). See map below:

Sunday Morning Rides

Sunday morning rides will start at 9:00am and we will alternate start locations to give more variety of trails to explore, as well as give some ‘gravel grind’ options. Ride duration and distance may vary between start locations given the differing nature of the trails. Expect rides to last between 1.5 – 3 hours.

Ride start locations will be as follows (see maps below for more specific meeting locations):

  • Ancaster Community Centre, Ancaster:  This is the traditional start location for past years.  The meeting spot will be the parking lot behind the Community Centre near the baseball fields.  For those familiar with the Paris-Ancaster event, it is at the top of Martin Rd.  Rides from this location will be a combination of single track and rail trail.
  • McMaster University area, Hamilton:  Not sure the best name to call this, but this starting location is near McMaster University with direct access to the rail trail; there is a rail trail parking lot on the northwest corner of Ofield Rd and Ewen Rd.  Rides starting out of this location will predominantly stay on the rail trail doing out and back loops such as to Brantford and back.
  • Confederation Park, Hamilton:  Rides departing from this location will venture to up the Red Hill Trail and surrounding trails in the area.  The meeting spot will be towards the southern end of the park.  Rides will be a combination of crushed gravel, packed soil and asphalt.
  • Trafalgar Sports Park, Halton Hills:  This meeting spot is the southwest corner of Trafalgar and 17 Side Road.  Rides departing from this location will be more ‘gravel grind’ type rides seeking out quiet dirt roads and some rail trails in the area, possibly making stops in places like Erin, Belfountain or Hillsburgh for a coffee / water break.

If other suitable start locations are identified this page will be updated to provide directions.

The starting location will be posted to the ride event on our RideWithGPS site so be sure to check this to show up at the correct location. For the Lions Valley, Ancaster and Confederation starts, it will be difficult to map out a route given the nature of the trails; for the rides out of Trafalgar Sports Park, we will attempt to post routes to give a sense of the length and general direction.  


Directions to Start Locations

Ancaster Community Centre, Ancaster: 

  • take Hwy 403  to Ancaster
  • exit at Wilson St and turn right
  • go through the roundabout and exit left onto Meadowbrook Dr.
  • take Meadowbrook until it ends at Jerseyville Rd W.
  • Turn left on Jerseyville and immediately turn right onto Martin Rd.
  • Take Martin Rd and park at the lot on the right at the end of the large field. (if you go down the hill you've gone too far)


McMaster University (Rail Trail Parking), Hamilton: 

  • Take Highway 403 W to exit 69A for ON-8 / Main Street W
  • Turn left onto Main St W / Hamilton Regional Rd 8
  • Turn Left of Ewen Rd
  • Turn Right onto Ofield Rd



Confederation Park, Hamilton:

  • Take QEW Niagara bound to Centennial Parkway Exit
  • Left on Centennial Parkway
  • Left on Van Wagners Beach Rd
  • Turn right on Confederation Dr (first right to take you into the park)
  • At the T-intersection, stay to the right to find the parking lot (if you get to Wild Waterworks you’ve gone too far)



Trafalgar Sports Park, Halton Hills:

  • Take Trafalgar or 5th Line north to Sideroad 17
  • From Trafalgar: travel west on Sideroad 17
  • From 5th Line: travel east on Sideroad 17
  • Meeting spot will be the parking lot closest to Sideroad 17

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