A Group for Every Skill Level


Cyclocross season typically runs from mid October until the first snowfall. As with all of our rides, please be respectful of the shared nature of the trails we use.

Here are the details:

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Route Maps

Since 2013, the club has moved to RidewithGPS as the route mapping Website of choice. Over 300 OCC ride maps are available. To view them, click the link below:

Prior to every OCC ride, the Ride Leaders will send out the maps for each group via e-mail. Please print a copy of the map or cue sheet if you are unsure about the directions or unfamiliar with the area.

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Road Rides

What are the OCC Road Ride Groups?

OCC Touring Pace Group

For our purposes, a group 1, 2, 3 and 4 ride means a bike ride along a planned route with a pre-arranged starting point and time and can be classified as “touring” types of rides. Ride group 6 is for seasoned, conditioned riders looking to push the pace, climb hard, or train for races.

OCC members can ride in any group at any time, and move groups during the season, but should review the group definitions below to ensure a good fit. Please read this article when considering moving up a group: Observations from the Other Side: Moving Between Ride Groups

Rules and Tips that Apply to All Groups

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Upcoming Rides and Events