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Wear your OCC colours with pride! We have vastly expanded the selection to include jerseys, shorts and jackets in a variety of styles. We have also partnered with Louis Garneau to offer their Pick-Pay-Ride (PPR) online ordering system to our members. This means you can now browse the selection and place your order online. Garneau has been the club's clothing provider for years and offer top quality Canadian products at prices unmatched at retail stores.

2016 Order #2

Stage 1 - Pre-Order:  July 17 - Aug 3, 2016

After receiving feedback from members wanting an opportunity to make additional purchases, we have made arrangements with Louis Garneau to open a second clothing window.  Similar to the first, it will be a two-stage process:  a pre-order window to express interest, and then a payment window.  Please make note of the following for this round:

Garneau will offer prices at the same price as our first order window assuming minimum orders are placed

Minimum orders are as follows:

  • For all men’s clothing items, a minimum of 6 items of the same style must be placed
  • For all women’s clothing items, a minimum of 4 items of the same style must be placed
  • For all accessories (caps, knee and arm warmers), a minimum of 12 items of the same type must be placed

Items not receiving the minimum number of orders will not move to the payment phase.  Members will have the opportunity to change their purchase to an item that met minimum requirements

The pre-order window will remain open until 11:59pm on Sunday, July 24th.  Orders can be placed via the following link:


If you do not have an account on the Louis Garneau site already, please add items to your cart before trying to create an account.  You will receive an option to create an account at this stage.

Stage 2 - Order Window:  

  • you will need to commit to your pre-order during this time
  • your credit card will be charged at the end of this step
If you have previously purchased clothing through the PPR site, you should have an account already created;  if you are a new member, or buying for the first time, you will need to create an account on the site (after adding items to you cart).

Clothing will be distributed by the club Clothing Coordinator at group rides, which eliminates shipping costs.

If you have any questions about our club clothing, please contact us.

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