1. Start Date for Club Rides
  2. Official vs. Unofficial Rides
  3. Membership
  4. Distribution List Cleanup
  5. Club Clothing Order
  6. Milton Velodrome Seat
Start Date for Club Rides
Club rides are scheduled to start on Tuesday April 22nd.  Please make sure to visit the Oakville Cycling Club website (www.oakvillecc.com) for the most up to date information with respect to rides, start times, locations, etc.
The ride leader schedules are just about finalized, and we’re all itching to get out there to do some riding.
For those that are new and, as a reminder to past members, the various groups paces are as follows:
  • Recreational & Introductory (pilot until mid-June depending on interest):  less than 20 kph
  • Group 1: 20-22 kph
  • Group 2: 23-25 kph
  • Group 3: 25-27 kph
  • Group 4: 27-30 kph
  • Group 5: 30-32 kph
  • Group 6: 32+ kph on flats
Again, all the details can be found on our website (ride distances, meeting locations, group notes, etc.).
Official vs. Unofficial Rides
Just so that everyone is aware, the only rides that are covered by OCA insurance are official club rides.  An official club ride is one that is listed in the ride calendar on our web page and has an official ride leader.
Unofficial club rides are rides that are not recognized by either the OCC or the OCA and do not have any insurance coverage.  
As a general rule, club clothing should not be worn on unofficial group rides.
As of right now, we are sitting at just over 200 members signed up for 2014. Please note that, if you are not an official member, you will not be allowed on our group rides unless it is officially a “Try and Buy” ride and you have signed a waiver.  According to OCA rules, a person can only do a Try and Buy ride once in any given year.
Please visit our website for a link to the membership registration site.  (www.oakvillecc.com)
Distribution List Cleanup
Over the coming days, we will be cleaning up the announcements and discussion lists of any e-mail addresses that do not belong to official club members.
If you want to stay in the know, please make sure to renew your membership for 2014.
Club Clothing Order
If you placed an order in stage 1 for an article of clothing, rest assured you have not missed any sort of e-mail indicating how to pay for the clothing.
I have been chasing our Garneau rep on a regular basis to open up the next stage of ordering.  I realize that this is Garneau’s busy season and they may not be able to give us all the attention we want.  I will keep chasing to get the order finally pushed through.
For your information, the following clothing items made it to their minimum quantities.
  • Women’s Fondo Classico Jersey
  • Men’s Fondo Classico Jersey
  • Men’s Fondo Vuelta Jersey – Carbon Ion
  • Men’s Fondo Tour Jersey – Long Sleeve
  • Men’s Performance Prolight Jacket
  • Performance Superlight Vest (unisex)
  • Men’s Performance Vuelta Bib
  • Men’s Performance Vuelta Short
Items that did not make the cut:
  • Women’s Fondo Tour Jersey – Sleeveless
  • Women’s Fondo Vuelta Jersey – Carbon Ion
  • Men’s Fondo Tour Jersey – Sleeveless
  • Women’s Performance Prolight Jacket
  • Men’s Performance Prolight Vest
  • Women’s Performance Vuelta Bib
  • Women’s Performance Vuelta Short
Where we had reached 5 items in stage 1, the club has purchased extra in order to meet minimum quantities.  If you’re interested in a particular item, you can e-mail me and see if there are any extras in stock for any given items.
Milton Velodrome Seat
Section 15, Row 1, Seat 1 — this seat is going to have a plaque with the Oakville Cycling Club name on it.
If you’d like to etch your name on a seat (they’re $250 each) you can visit www.make-it-happen.ca 
You can also purchase a plank of the track for $25.