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In this week's announcement:

- OCC 'Giving Back' Donation Update
- Cambridge Tour de Grand - Sunday June 12th
- Cyclepath / Giant Demo Night - Thursday June 2nd
- Group Riding Tip Reminders


OCC 'Giving Back' Donation Update

As of this week, the club has donated back $2,350 to our members who are participating in various events that have a personal fundraising requirement.  

The club has budgeted $4,000 towards this initiative - if you are planning to participate in a charity ride this year, remember to sign up for club sponsorship through the link in the e-mail

Cambridge Tour de Grand - Sunday June 12th

While not an official OCC event, many of our members participate in the Cambridge Tour de Grand each year.  9 different distances are offered ranging from 10km to 160km, so there is a route available for all abilities and travels over many quiet, rolling country roads outside of Cambridge. 

Registration fee for the event is $25 which includes supported rest stops and a post ride lunch at the start / finish area, so it's definitely a great value.  If you have not done so already and are interested in signing up for this event you can do so at http://www.cambridgetourdegrand.com/.

Cyclepath / Giant Demo Night - Thursday June 2nd

Our friends at Cyclepath Oakville have arranged to have Giant Bicycles provide a Demo night at this coming Thursday's club rides (June 2nd) out of the Appleby / 407 Carpool lot.  They will have many different models in various sizes to take for a test ride between 4:00-7:30pm.  

Please refer to the Cyclepath Oakville Facebook page for a list available options.  You can reserve a bike to test by calling the shop at 905-338-0783.


Also at this event, Scratch Labs will also be on site providing hydration drinks for your rides.

Group Riding Tip Reminders

With our official club riding season now through it's first month, we've had a few issues where falls have occurred on group rides.  Fortunately, there have been no broken bones, but we wanted to communicate a few safety reminders:

  • Do not get yourself into a position where you have crossed your front wheel with the back wheel of the rider in front of you;  if the rider in front serves to avoid a road hazard, it is generally the person behind that will fall
  • Be predictable in your riding.  This includes maintaining a steady line with no sudden side to side movements and keeping your speed consistent with no sudden braking
  • When starting from a stop sign / red light, or even rounding a corner, accelerate smoothly;  a quick acceleration by the front rider(s) can cause riders from behind to have to put in a hard effort to catch back to the group.  This can also cause issues where some lesser experienced riders may have a hard time judging their speed as they join back into the group and causing excessive braking and a subsequent 'yo yo' affect
  • Spread out a bit more on hills, both going up and down to give you a bit more room to react to changing conditions 
  • Anticipate upcoming hills and get yourself into the right gearing before the climb starts so that you aren't trying to find the right gear on the hill - this can cause you to slow down and put riders into a defensive position trying to avoid hitting you
  • Call and / or point out road hazards;  it is very important for the lead rider to do this as the 'eyes' of the group;  equally important due to the large group sizes we often see, all riders within the group should also pass the message along to riders towards the back

Have a great week!


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