Hi everyone,

Sadly, it looks like winter again this weekend.  Our 2016 membership window closes tonight and we've edged past the 500 member mark!

In today's announcement:

- 2016 Clothing Purchase Reminder
- OCC Sponsorship of Member Charity Ride Participation
- Start of Season Social
- New Rider Training

2016 Clothing Purchase Reminder

Our 2016 clothing ordering window is now available on the Louis Garneau site.  Our pre-order phase will remain open for one more week, closing on April 10th.


Please note that prices are not finalized and may come down a little more based on the volume of our order.  Also, the jersey prices do not include our jersey subsidy;  for those who have not seen previous messages, a $20 discount will be apply to the purchase of one jersey per member (this would apply to any jersey model, but as an example, the base 'Equipe' model currently listed at $50 will be approximately $30 after the subsidy is applied).   Members wanting to purchase additional jerseys would buy additional items at the posted price.  Details of the subsidy handling will be communicated once finalized with Garneau.  

Note:  If you do not already have an account on LG site, add items you wish to purchase to your cart and when you go to checkout, you will see an option to create the account at that time.  If you try to log in before you try to check out, you will not have the opportunity to create an account.

OCC Sponsorship of Member Charity Ride Participation

Thanks to all who responded to the survey from two weeks ago in regards to the charity rides you are planning to participate in.  We know that raising fundraising efforts can be challenging and we want to support our members as they participate in these worthy events.  

We have finalized details of our sponsorship program as follows:

  • the club will donate $50 per member who participates in any charity ride that has a rider fundraising component to it (e.g. you have a personal fundraising page assigned)
  • we will sponsor up to 80 riders, to a total of $4000
  • only one charity ride per member will be sponsored by the club
  • if we do not reach 80 members participating in rides, the excess funds will be donated to a charity towards the end of the season

Please use the following link to sign up for this program:


Start of Season Social

The idea of a social night to kick off the 2016 road season event has been discussed and we would like to gauge interest among the members.  

There is no official club business to tend to, but we wanted to give an opportunity for:

  • a meet and greet for new members, including having an area where you can go to ask any questions you have about the club
  • existing club members to catch up with one another, and 
  • a way to get signed parking waivers for our Sunday rides where we use one of the Halton Region parking lots

When:   Friday April 22nd, starting around 7:30pm

Where:  The Lounge at O'Finns Irish Temper (136 Church St, Oakville, ON L6J 1M9)
If you are interested in attending, please reply to this email so that we can gauge numbers.

New Rider Training

Each year our club attracts a lot new members with many being new to the sport of cycling, and more specifically, group riding.  To help make this transition easier, we are offering a clinic through a 3rd party company that specializes in providing rider training.  

If you are a new member and have indicated that you have no group riding experience during registration, please watch for an email with additional details.  This clinic will be paid for by the club and we feel this will be a great opportunity to those with limited group cycling experience to get some great exposure to the basic skills required to participate in club rides.