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  • Weeknight ride updates
  • OCC Cyclocross season is starting
  • OCC t-shirts


Weeknight Ride Updates

With the earlier sunsets, the last weeknight ride out of the Appleby / 407 Carpool lot for Rec to Group 6 will run on Thursday October 1st.


Munn's weeknight rides, which have an earlier start time, will run for a few more weeks, likely ending on Oct 8th or 15th based on available daylight..


Please note that weekend rides will continue to be run until the end of October at their usual time.

OCC Cyclocross rides starting up

With the road riding season starting to wind down, we will soon be starting up our OCC Cyclocross rides.  Rides will be held as follows:

Thursday nights - Lions Valley Park:

Our Thursday night rides will begin on October 8th at Lions Valley Park in Oakville with a start time of 8:00pm which will shift to a 7:00pm start as darkness permits.  This ride is usually about 1 hour in length covering two laps of the park and involves quite a few steep climbs and descents, giving riders a great workout.  Given the start time and the lack of lighting on the trails, strong lights are required to be able to see the trail suitably.  It is recommended that participants have a light that is a minimum of 600 lumens which is attached to your helmet to help navigate the twisty nature of the trails.  A second, powerful, handlebar mounted light is strongly recommended as a backup, along with a blinking red light on the back of your bike.  Parking is available at the south east corner of Neyagawa and River Oaks.

Sunday mornings - Ancaster Community Centre

Sunday morning rides will start on October 18th with a start time of 9:00am.  The rides will typically be between 1.5 - 2 hours in duration and will start at the Ancaster Community Centre - for those who are familiar with the Paris-Ancaster event, we meet at the top of the final climb up Martin Rd by the baseball fields.  These rides are held on a combination of single track and rail trail.  

Both rides will run throughout the fall with an ending date based on trail conditions.  Start locations can be found on our website (

OCC T-shirts

The OCC was founded in 1990.  To commemorate our club serving the community for over 25 years, and to show that we are members of such a great cycling club, we have done an initial order of t-shirts that will be made available for purchase shortly.  


Shirts are available in men's and women's specific sizing - women's shirts are all v-neck, with men's shirts being a traditional crew neck, with both being available in black or grey.  Shirts will be sold for $10 each.  We are sorting out the logistics of where / how they will be sold and hoping to target our club rides starting this week for purchase.  


Stay tuned for more details and we hope you like them!