In today's announcement:

  • Niagara Falls re-cap
  • Group Ride Feedback
  • Welland Canal Ride - September 7th


Niagara Falls re-cap:
Last Sunday we had approximately 40 club members participate in the annual OCC Niagara Ride.  Despite the extremely hot and the GO Train delays, the day went quite smoothly and a great day was had by all.  With these delays and a need to get a few riders starting from Oakville back for personal commitments we didn't get our group photo at the Falls, but we do have some pictures and a video on our Facebook page capturing the day (
Group Ride Feedback:
With the rapid growth of the OCC, we can sometimes encounter challenges with how rides evolve.  There has been some good dialogue among the Ride Leaders in recent weeks as we will continue to explore opportunities both for the remainder of the season and the off-season to continue improving rides.  A few themes through discussions have come up to be aware of:
Group size:  we have seen some really large groups this year compared to the last few seasons (some have been in the 25-30 range);  not only does this become difficult for the Ride Leader to manage, but it's also a safety concern on the road as there isn't a lot of room for vehicles to pass the group.  The Ride Leader may split the group into smaller groups with the idea being that the groups follow the same ride routing, but keeping enough distance (at least 100m apart) for the duration of the ride to allow cars to pass.  If sub-groups are formed, please ensure to not close this gap.  
Ride Pace:  within each of our riding groups, there can be varying degrees of fitness among the riders.  The Ride Leader attempts to set a pace that is manageable for the group to follow, but in some cases, the stronger riders within the group can sometimes push the pace a little beyond what is comfortable for all members of the group.  Please listen out for the Ride Leader communicates changes to the pace and adjust accordingly.  If you find that the pace in the group is generally too slow, please consider moving up a level.  
- Communication:  Due to traffic noise, wind, etc., it can be very difficult for the Ride Leader to get messages to be heard throughout the group.  If you do hear the Ride Leader communicating changes to pace, regroup spots, please help by calling these out so that everyone is aware.  Also remember it is always good practice to communicate road hazards or if you are passing a rider from behind as they can't see you.
Two-up riding:  This is a bit of a tricky one as varying bylaws to the Highway Traffic Act can vary by municipality, and we've had situations where some groups have been stopped by police for riding two abreast.  If the group is riding two abreast on a quiet section of road, it is important to ride as close to the curb / shoulder side of the road.  There have been cases where the rider on the left has been very close to the centre line - this makes it very difficult for motorists to pass, but also puts yourself at great risk to oncoming traffic.
We are all looking to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our rides.  Please be sure to help your Ride Leaders out so that the rides run as smoothly as possible.
Welland Canal Ride - September 7th:
Once again, we will run the Welland Canal Ride on Labour Day Monday (September 7th);  the ride will be scheduled to leave at 9:00am from Charles Ansell Park in St Catherines.
There is no pre-registration required for this event and it is open to all, but please note, it is more of a touring ride and will be run as a Group 2 type ride.  If you ride in Group 1, and would like to participate, please make sure you are comfortable doing a Group 2 ride prior to this event;  if anyone in Group 3 or higher wants to attend, please expect a leisurely spin along the Canal.  More details will be sent prior to the ride date.