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In this announcement:
- New MTO laws go into effect on September 1st
- September ride time changes
- Welland Canal Ride - Sept 7th
- Glenorchy Slope Stabilization / Construction Updates
- Safety Reminders
New MTO laws go into effect on September 1st:
As you may be aware, new traffic laws come into effect as of September 1st.  There are a few measures that are expected to have a positive impact for cyclists, including:  motorists to give one meter of space when passing cyclists as well as increased fines for 'dooring' cyclists.  
Specific to cyclists, please be aware of higher fines of $110 may be issued if you do not have adequate lights / reflectors on your bike.
September ride time changes:
As August winds down, we will be altering our start times throughout the month of September:
Sunday mornings rides for Rec - Group 4 will move to a 9:00am start time effective next Sunday (Sept 6th) for the balance of the season.
- Weeknight rides out of Appleby will move to a 6:00pm start time on Sept 15th 
- Weeknight rides out of Munn's will move to a 5:30pm start around the week of Sept 22nd 
There are no changes to the Saturday morning ride start times.
Welland Canal Ride - Sept. 7th:
As a reminder, we will run the Welland Canal Ride on Labour Day Monday (September 7th);  the ride will be scheduled to leave at 9:00am from Charles Ansell Park in St Catherines.
Some parking is available at Charles Ansell Park, with more parking available around the corner at Grantham Lions Park.
Pre-registration is not required, and the ride will be run similar to a Group 2 paced ride.
Glenorchy Slope Stabilization project / Construction updates:
For those who use the trail that connects 4th Line to Neyagawa Blvd, please note that there is work scheduled to begin on August 31st to prevent erosion caused by 16 Mile Creek.  As a result, the path will be inaccessible for approximately 5 weeks.

We do try to keep a listing of known construction on our website http://oakvillecc.com/index.php/member-resources/road-construction-reports.
Should you notice any new construction, we ask you help by emailing details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Safety Reminders:
To help ensure safety on our club rides, please remember a few common best practices when riding in groups:
- avoid 'crossing wheels' with the rider in front.  This is when your front wheel overlaps with the rear wheel of the rider ahead;  any sudden movement of the lead rider could result in the rider behind falling.
- if you are passing riders it is always good practice to call out with an 'on your left' type comment.  Riders ahead do not necessarily know that you are attempting to pass so this will help to ensure they are aware of your presence and hold their line.
Have a great week everyone!

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