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With the season commencing this coming week, I thought it'd be a good time to send out an announcement.

Please bear with us as there is a lot of information to pass along.  It's important that you read through this message as it contains a lot of useful information.

Tip: Picking a Riding Group

It looks like 2015 will see many new faces in the Oakville Cycling Club.  We, the club executive, want to extend a warm welcome out to you and hope you'll enjoy your time, meet some great people, and get some good exercise along the way.

One of the biggest questions for anyone new to group riding in the Oakville Cycling Club is "what group should I join?"

I have given this same advice for several years now.  The best way to pick your group is to get an idea of how fast you think you can ride.  Be honest with yourself.  When you feel you have an idea of your pace capability, look at our various groups and their estimated speeds (http://www.oakvillecc.com/index.php/our-rides/road-rides), then go into the group that's one step slower for a ride.  Example: if you think you can do about 26 or 27 kph, which corresponds to around a group 3 pace, give group 2 a try for your first ride.  If you find it's too easy for you, then you'll know that group 3 should be the right place for you.

Bear in mind, weeknight rides generally tend to be about 1 kph faster than weekend rides due to their shorter distances and less elevation.

Ride Cancellations

It is important to note that any ride cancellation announcements will be done via this distribution list a minimum of an hour and a half before the scheduled start time for a ride.

This year, we are going to do something different in that only certain groups may be cancelled on a given day, while other groups would still proceed.  The most common scenario where this might happen is on windy days.

An example would be a day with sustained winds of 30+ kph and wind gusts of 40+ kph.  The recreational group, as well as group 1 and 2 may not be comfortable with these winds while groups 3 through 6 may be comfortable with these conditions.  In this case, we would cancel recreational through group 2 and groups 3 through 6 would continue as scheduled.

Any cancellation notices will clearly state which groups (if any) are proceeding on that day.

Halton Region Centre

As of today, we only have tentative permission to use the parking lot at Halton Region Centre for our Sunday morning rides.

We are currently sorting out some insurance details between the OCA and Halton Region.

The region has also asked us to obtain a signed waiver from everyone who will be coming to ride out of that location.  Stay tuned - we will send out more details through this list as we get them.

The first few Sunday rides will most likely be run out of 407/Appleby.  We will clearly state where the rides will be originating in our ride announcement email.

Membership Cards

When coming out to a ride, it is important that you have your membership card with you.  If you just signed up within the last week or so and have not received your card yet, a copy of the receipt from our online membership provider, CCN Bikes, is sufficient.  Bent has been sending membership cards out as soon as possible after registration.

If you have not yet registered to be a member of the OCC, you will not be allowed to ride with the group.

For Munns group 5 rides, it is especially important to have your membership card as this also doubles as your parking permit on Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  The OCC has a special arrangement with Munns church that only allows for our club's group rides to use their parking lot.

Club Clothing

A reminder that club clothing is on sale through both CCN Bikes (in stock items) and Louis Garneau's Pick-Pay-Ride system.

There are 9 days left on the Garneau system to get your orders in.  Depending on how many more we need to meet minimum quantities, we may keep ordering open for a little longer.  If we do, the clothing arrival would be near the end of June.

The links to buy clothing are:

CCN Bikes:  https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/2015-oakville-cycling-club-membership/store

Garneau Pick-Pay-Ride: https://ppr.louisgarneau.com/OakvilleCC_5LG0606


For those of you on the mailing list that have still not registered and plan on joining the club this year, we remind you that membership will close on May 31st. Removal from distribution lists will happen on June 1st.



That's it.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone this coming year to get the riding season under way.



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