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We are happy to report that 2016 club clothing is now ready to order.  This is a great opportunity to show off the new OCC kit and to get some high quality cycling clothing at a substantially discounted price due to the volume pricing discount made available to us.
It is a two step process:
Stage 1:  Pre-order or commit to buy
Stage 2:  Order window

Stage 1 - Pre-Order:  March 31 - April 10

- this is an intent to buy period and your credit card will not be charged until Stage 2
- the prices listed on the site are not yet finalized and will be determined by the number of units ordered by the club as a whole.  A conservative estimate was used for volume of items that will be purchased;  assuming we have a good participation rate, we should see additional price reductions across most items
- the jersey prices do not include the jersey subsidy at this time as we are working out final details with Louis Garneau; we are offering a discount of $20 off the price of one jersey per member.  Please note that if you decide to buy more than one jersey, additional ones will need to be purchased at full price - sorry, we have a limited budget!  :)
- we had planned to offer matching socks;  unfortunately, Louis Garneau advised they had a stop sell order due to quality issues reported with earlier production runs;  we will open an ordering window once this issue has been rectified, or look to an alternate supplier for socks

Stage 2 - Order Window:  April 11 - April 17

- you will need to commit to your pre-order during this time
- your credit card will be charged at the end of this step
The P.P.R. site can be accessed through the following link:
If you have previously purchased clothing through the PPR site, you should have an account already created;  if you are a new member, or buying for the first time, you will need to create an account on the site (after adding items to your cart, during the checkout process).

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