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Hi All,

There's been a lot of radio silence as of late.  Apologies for that.

We're busily trying to get a bunch of things sorted before the season begins.  I do have a few announcements that I would like to share.


Season Dedication

As a club, we will be dedicating the upcoming riding season in support of one of our members and ride leaders - Donna Hart.

Towards the end of last year and beginning of this year, doctors diagnosed Donna with a serious medical condition.  While it is not my place to disclose anything about her condition to the club as a whole, please do keep her in your thoughts and, if so inclined, make a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation so that research can figure out how to prevent what she currently has to go through.

Ride Leaders

We currently have a shortage of group 4 ride leaders (mostly on weeknights).  If we can't get ride leaders for that group, we will need to cancel rides where we do not have a designated group 4 ride leader available.

This will be the standard practice this year -- if we cannot get a ride leader for a particular ride on a particular day, we will be cancelling those groups for that day.  The call will go out for volunteers and, hopefully, someone will be willing to step up and lead the ride.

The volunteer form for this year is still available for you to sign up:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mOol2k8GdrtVs1chotHkMLnXxv56s5ut9i_PLK3Uzzo/viewform

Also, if you're interested in volunteering to lead a ride for any other group, we'd still love the help.

Riding Season

Jeremy is currently getting the ride leader schedule together.  If all goes according to plan (ie. the weather cooperates) our first week night rides will be starting on Tuesday April 21st with our first weekend rides starting on Saturday April 25th and Sunday April 26th.

We are also finalizing the various group distances and speeds.  There will be some tweaks to the various groups this year based on some analysis of last year's rides.  Those updates will be posted to the website in the coming week or two.


A quick reminder that membership will close on May 31st of this year.  If you haven't joined the OCC yet and plan on doing so, please make sure to get signed up before we close membership for the season.


We will be cleaning up our distribution list starting on June 1st and removing all e-mail addresses of non-members at that time.

Munns Group

We will be trying something different with the Munns rides this year.  

There will be two groups out of Munns - call them G5-A and G5-B, if you like.  One will go a bit faster and push the pace, while the other one will be closer to the advertised G5 pace.  Both groups will do the same route so, if a G5-A rider can't keep up with the group, they will be able to hang back and catch the G5-B group.

That said, if there aren't enough people to warrant splitting in two groups or not enough interest on a particular night, then a regular single G5 ride will run as scheduled.

Club Clothing

The Garneau site is currently open to order club clothing for this year.

We ask that, if you're interested in something, please have a look at our club clothing web page first in order to see if we currently have what you're looking for in stock (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see current inventory levels):  http://www.oakvillecc.com/index.php/member-resources/club-clothing

If you see something on the clothing web page that you want, please e-mail me directly so that I can reserve the item for you.

If you don't see anything in stock, then you can order directly from the Garneau Pick-Pay-Ride website:  https://ppr.louisgarneau.com/OakvilleCC_5LG0606

The Pick-Pay-Ride system will be open until April 29th.  From that point, it will be about 6 weeks until the clothing arrives (around mid-June).

Unfortunately, due to some timing issues, there will be no chance to have a "fitting week" for trying the clothing on before purchase.  The jerseys are a pro-fit and, therefore, fit very snug to the body.  For example, I generally wear medium shorts but find that I have to wear a large jersey for a relatively snug fit.

Weekly Announcements

Due to time constraints and other commitments, I will most likely not have the chance to post tips or announcements on a weekly basis this year.  We haven't had anyone volunteer to write them so I will put out an announcement e-mail as necessary throughout the season.

That's all for now.  Fingers crossed for some warmer days.  (Thursday and Friday this week are starting to look really good!)


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