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Tip of the Week: Standing

This week's tip comes courtesy of Bob Crane.  Thanks Bob!

I notice some riders tend to throw their bikes back when the transition from a sitting to a standing climb – which obviously creates a hazard as it can close a 6” gap pretty quickly and unexpectedly. The good riders I’ve ridden with tend to stand a bit slower and lean back so that the gap doesn’t change.

FYI – I found this online and it explains well...(although I think yelling “standing” may be a bit excessive.
The correct way to stand:It is good etiquette to announce "Standing!" a couple of pedal strokes before you do so.Stand smoothly as one foot begins its downward power stroke - don't lunge, keep your effort constant.As you come off the saddle, push your hands forward a bit. This helps to ensure that the bike won't lose ground.When returning to the saddle, continue pedaling evenly and again push your hands forward to counteract any tendency to decelerate. This will gain several inches and put the seat right under you


Club Clothing

A reminder, we do have a selection of club clothing in inventory.  Details can be found on the club clothing web page:
A small number of people still have not collected their clothing from the order earlier in the year.  I try my best to bring the clothing to the rides that I attend, but there are times when I won't bring it to rides.  If you would like a piece of clothing or, to pick your order up, please give me a heads up so that I can ensure I bring it to a particular ride.
Road Construction

My apologies to everyone.  Things have been a bit hectic as of late and I have not been able to take all of the reports of road closures and road construction to update the map.  
Unfortunately, there appears to be a flurry of fresh chip & tar and road closures as of late.  As ride leaders, we do try our best to avoid taking these roads but, sometimes, we just can't avoid it.
Andy does a good job of trying to keep the road construction web page updated with anything that's observed out there.  You can find the page here: http://www.oakvillecc.com/index.php/member-resources/road-construction-reports
If you know of construction or chip and tar that's out there, please send Andy an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for him to update the page.
Important details:

- Start & end points- What kind of construction? (ie. chip & tar or full road closure)
Burlington Cycling Survey

Owen Lewis passed this one along.
The city of Burlington is conducting a cycling survey.  Let's make our voices heard.  
The deadline to submit responses is August 31st.
That's it for this week.  Can't believe it's already August!

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