1. Tip of the Week: What to Carry With You on a Group Ride
  2. Group Sizes
  3. Clothing Order Update
  4. June Special Ride – Cambridge Tour de Grand
  5. Inspiration

Tip of the Week: What to Carry With You on a Group Ride
This week’s tip is with respect to what type of stuff you should carry with you on a ride.
Helmet.  No further explanation necessary.
Water/Sports drink.  We all know it’s important to stay hydrated during a ride, especially with the nice and toasty weather June, July and August.  Unless you’re taking the bike for a spin around the block, you should always have something to drink in your water bottle cages.  
Those are the two basic items, but what else should you have with you on a ride?
ID and your health card should also be on you during a ride.  Some riders like to wear something like a RoadID bracelet -- in fact, I have one that I wear myself.  It lists my name, city where I live, health card number, plus two emergency contacts in case something happens to me.  They’re actually relatively inexpensive to order.  Some cash is also good.  Stops in Moffat for butter tarts require exact change.  DO NOT expect a $20 to be broken for you there.
Now, in your saddle bag there are some key items you should have...
- A spare tube.  I never got the hang of using a patch kit and tubes are fairly inexpensive, I’d rather get rid of the old tube and install a brand new one, not having to worry whether or not the tire was patched correctly.
- Tire levers - 2 or 3 (better).  This will save you from having to use a stick found at the side of the road to try and get your tire off.
- Air pump or CO2 cartridge + valve.  One or the other - I carry both.  The pump will take some elbow grease, the CO2 cartridge will get the tube up to a decent inflation level quickly.
- Multi-tool.  This will help you in a pinch.  These tools will let you tighten loose bits or break chains apart to fix them.
This is actually a fair bit of stuff to bring along on a ride, but you never know when you’ll need it.  It does make that super-light bike of yours a bit heavier than you might be used to.

Group Sizes
The various groups have been getting quite large this year.  For safety reasons, groups should be split up into smaller sizes when they become large.  (Ideally around 10 to 12.)
The ride leader may appoint an experienced OCC member to lead a second group travelling about 30-60 seconds behind.

Clothing Order Update
For those of you that placed an order for clothing at the end of April, we are on track to receive the shipment in and around the mid-June timeframe.  Unfortunately, it looks like it won’t be arriving before the major events happen at the beginning of June (Ride for Heart,  Conquer Cancer, Tour de Grand).

June Special Ride – Cambridge Tour de Grand
There’s still time to sign up for the Cambridge Tour de Grand.  http://www.cambridgetourdegrand.com/
Again, we don’t have official ride leaders on this ride.  Various members participate (I’ll be doing the 100 km route) and find each other when we get there.  

For some inspiration, here is a quick video that came across my news feeds (6 and a half minutes long):  http://jalopnik.com/this-80-year-old-cyclist-will-inspire-the-crap-out-of-y-1580056857

That’s it for this week.