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For those of you that are new to the club, throughout the spring and summer months I try and do a weekly announcement on Sunday evenings.  I usually start it with something called “Tip of the Week”, followed by any relevant information to the club and members.
This week:
  1. Tip of the Week:  Group Ride Guidelines and Etiquette
  2. Club Clothing Order
  3. June Special Ride:  Tour de Grand
  4. Ride Cancellations


Tip of the Week: Group Ride Guidelines and Etiquette
The club’s webmaster, Andy, has put together a great page on our website outlining group rides, guidelines and etiquette, and links to videos and resources.  
My tip this week is for everyone to visit the page and give it a read-through.  
Remember, the goal of the club executive and all of our volunteer ride leaders is for everyone to be safe out there.
Also, if you feel you have a great tip you’d like to share, please e-mail me and I can include it in one of my weekly tips.  Tips can be related to safety, technique, nutrition, or anything that you feel might be valuable to your fellow club members.

Club Clothing Order
Stage 2 of the clothing order closes tonight at midnight.  We have met our minimums for everything that’s been offered in stage 2.  You can still place an order if you’d like something:  http://ppr.louisgarneau.com/OakvilleCC
The club has also purchased some extra items. If you didn’t get a chance to order on this go round, you can see if we have something you’d like in stock.  Over the coming days, I will be figuring out what we have in inventory and place the quantities on our clothing webpage.
If there is enough interest, we may do a second clothing order in the June timeframe.  No guarantees, as it will all depend on interest.

June Special Ride: Tour de Grand
Every year the club tries to offer some special rides.  June’s special ride is a little over a month away – the Cambridge Tour de Grand.  
We don’t have designated ride leaders for this event.  In the past, we’ve had members find each other and groups have naturally formed.  For example, last year several members signed up for the 100 km route and we ended up breaking into 3 groups of varying speeds.  (Also easy to find each other when you’re wearing club colours.)
It’s usually a great day – where else can you pay $20 (in advance) or $25 (day of registration) and get a nice ride out in the country complete with a lunch after the ride?
My suggestion – talk to your fellow members on the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday club rides and see if there’s anyone else interested in doing a distance you’d like to do.

Ride Cancellations
So far, the long term forecast isn’t looking good for the rides this coming week.  A quick reminder that we use this distribution list to announce cancellations at least an hour and a half before the start of the ride.

That’s it for this week.
David Bosiljevac

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